Welcome to Mark Cheng's website!

Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, PhD
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Director, Nano Fabrication Service Core (nFab)
Wayne State University
5050 Anthony Wayne Drive #3140
Detroit MI 48202
Phone: 3135775462
Email: mcheng@wayne.edu

Research Areas

Biomedical Microdevices, Bioinstrumentation, Graphene, Sensors, MEMS/NEMS, Energy Materials, In-situ Battery Test, Nanomanufacturing

Research Positions

(Help needed) We are seeking motivated PhD and undergratuate students to work on biomedical microdevices and battery testing. We will provide fundings or GRA positions to the qualified applicants. Our research is multidisciplinary and we encourage students from electrical engineering, biomedical engineering or material science to apply. Please send your resume to mcheng@wayne.edu

Research News

A FIB System (TESCAN GAIA) has been installed! The equipment was purchased thanks to the generous support of the NSF MRI grant. The equipment is capable of e-beam lithography, ion milling, nano etching/ deposition, 3D chemical profiling, and TEM sample preparation. Please contact Dr. Cheng or nFab University Core for the training and access.


(2/14/2015) Wenwen's paper "A flexible and implantable microelectrode arrays using high-temperature grown vertical carbon nanotubes and a biocompatible polymer substrate" was accepted by Nanotechnology (IOP).

(2/18/2015) Peng's paper "Wireless Monitoring of Eye Intraocular Pressure Using Transparent Graphene LC Sensors", was accepted for Lecture presentation at The 2015 Joint Conference of the IEEE Int'l Frequency Control Symposium & European Frequency & Time Forum, to be held in Denver, Colorado USA from April 12-16 2015. The paper was nominated for best student paper award.

(2/24/2015) nFab and TESCAN are please to host a workshop "Discovering the 3D World with Scanning Electron Microscopy from Centimeters to Nanometer" at Wayne State University Feb 24-25 2015. See a flyer.

(5/19/2015) We welcome a MedStar student Miss Prisca Abraham to join the group.

(6/18/2015) Our research on placenta-on-a-chip was in the news. Link

(7/25/2015) Dr. Cheng gave talks on graphene research at National Chung-Hsing University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

(10/26/2015) Ali's paper on compound eyes has been accepted by IEEE MEMS 2016 in Shanghai

(12/16/2015) Dr. Cheng will serve a TPC in Electrowetting 2016. Link

(12/22/2015) We appreciate the support from OVPR to purchase a vaccum transfer module for FIB/SEM to handle air sensitive samples

(3/6/2016) The paper on graphene harmonic sensors has been accepted by NATURE MICROSYSTEMS AND NANOENGINEERING