Welcome to Mark Cheng's website!

Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, PhD
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Wayne State University
5050 Anthony Wayne Drive #3140
Detroit MI 48202
Phone: 3135775462
Email: mcheng@wayne.edu

Research Areas

Graphene, MEMS/NEMS, Biomedical Microdevices, Bioinstrumentation, Energy Materials, Nano manufacturing, Micro/Nano systems

Research Positions

Research opporunities are available to PhD and undergraduate students. Minority and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume to mcheng@wayne.edu

Research News

A FIB System (TESCAN LYRA) has been installed! The equipment was purchased thanks to the generous support of the NSF MRI grant. The equipment is capable of e-beam lithography, ion milling, nano etching/ deposition, 3D chemical profiling, and TEM sample preparation. Please contact Dr. Cheng or nFab University Core Facility for the training and access.

(12/23/2013) Dr. Cheng received Grant Boost Award to work on lithium ion battery test.

(2/20/2014) Jinho's paper "In-situ Monitoring Electrochemical Processes in Batteries Using Vibrating Microcantilevers" was selected for Lecture presentation at 2014 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IFCS). The paper was nominated for the best student paper award. Congratulations!

(5/9/2014) Jing's paper "A sandwich substrate for ultrasensitive SERS spectroscopic detection of folic acid / methotrexate" was accepted in Biomedical Microdevices. Congratulations!

(5/13/2014) Wenwen was awarded Rumble Fellowship. Congratulations!

(5/30/2014) Dr. Cheng was awarded Faculty Competition for Postdoc. Dr. Jinjun Xia will join the group in July.

(6/2/2014) We welcome McNair scholars Ms. Camille Williams and Mr. Ahmedul Islam to conduct research in the lab.

(6/2/2014) We welcome NSF REU students Mrs. Marc Barbret and Michael Duric to condcut researches in the lab.

(6/21/2014) Jinho's PECVD nitride paper was accepted by Journal of Power Sources. Congratulations!

(7/2/2014) Dr. Cheng will give an invited oral presentation at Gordon Research Conference on Nanostructure Fabrication.