Computer Architecture and Organization

My lecture notes are available in Adobe Portable Data Format in 2 different layouts. Keep in mind that the material is prepared to help me teaching, not as your only study material. Effective learning requires reading the textbook, attending classes, looking at my class materials and adding your own notes to the class materials.

The materials presented are primarily created for my presentation in the classroom and thus cannot replace the book. They may help you in following the class and get a better feeling on which topics I have covered more deeply and which topics I put aside. Please let me know whenever you find errors in the materials.

My lecture notes are based on the early version of David Patterson. Due to copyright reasons these materials can only be used for educational purposes in conjunction with the textbook. Permission for commercial purposes should be obtained from the original copyright holder and the successive copyright holders including me. 

Lecture notes (in PDF formats)

กกNotes: pdf-2 lays out 2 slides per page; pdf-6 lays out 6 slides per page; pdf-notes contains detailed explanations.

Lecture notes in old version (in postscript and PDF formats)