Naplet System

Naplet system is a Java-based secure and flexible mobile agent framework, in support of network-centric distributed applications. It features a structured navigation mechanism, a flexible inter-agent communication facility, and secure interfaces to legacy and privileged Internet services.

The distribution of Naplet system can be found on the site:

This tutorial is for Naplet0.19 version, and aims to help people, who are interested in Naplet system, to install, understand, and utilize the system. It is composed of three parts:

  1. Guide of system installation and test drive of the examples: provides a guidance with respect to Naplet system installations and the execution of the example applications distributed with the system.

  2. Naplet system: offers an in-depth exploration of Naplet system.

  3. Naplet application examples: studies representative application examples based on Naplet system.

As their name suggest, these three parts serve people with different primary interest in Naplet system. For readers seeking help of system installation, part 1 would be a good choice. For readers trying to further develop Naplet system, part 2 offers thorough analysis of the system. And for readers interested in developing mobile-agent applications based on Naplet system, part 3 provides first-hand examples for the basic programming skills. The three parts are independent with each other. It is up to readers to identify their goals for using this tutorial, and to choose the appropriate part to continue.

Finally, no matter which part you select, we welcome you to the Naplet world. Enjoy your trip and have fun.