Scalable and Secure Internet Services
and Architecture

Cheng-Zhong Xu, Ph.D.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan USA

This book provides an in depth analysis of many key scaling technologies. Topics include: server clusters and load balancing; QoS-aware resource management; server capacity planning; Web caching and prefetching; P2P overlay network; mobile code and security; and mobility support for adaptive grid computing.

The book discusses each topic by first defining a problem, then reviewing current representative approaches for solving it. It then describes in detail the underlying principles of the technologies and the application of these principles, along with balanced coverage of concepts and engineering trade-offs. The book demonstrates the effectiveness of the technologies via rigorous mathematical modeling and analysis, simulation, and practical implementations. It blends technologies in a unified framework for scalable and secure Internet services, delivering a systematic treatment based upon the authorís cutting-edge research experience.

This volume describes in breadth and depth advanced scaling technologies that support media streaming, e-commerce, grid computing, personalized content delivery, distributed file sharing, network management, and other Internet applications.


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